Africa Safari (Kenya) Pt. 10

It’s our last evening at Lake Nakuru. Our accommodations have been quite different here, more like a highway strip motel from the 1950’s. An adequate dining room for the buffets is complimented by a large gathering room anchored by a handsome wooden bar. Having just returned from our final game drive at this location, I am downloading my images in the midst of scattered gear and clothing covering every square inch of my room. I am hot, tired and the thought of packing up once again for the 5am deadline seems like an impossible task. There is only one solution to this problem, a bar stool with my name on it. Thus, my introduction to a new friend, “Tusker”, a local Kenyan beer brewed with a nice sweet aftertaste. Fortified by three bottles of this exquisite elixir, no situation is insurmountable, that is, if I can stay awake.

Morning comes awfully quickly but after a couple of aspirins I am prepared to spend the day bouncing westerly across the countryside to the border of Kenya and Tanzania. We will be in the Masai Mara region, home of big cats and the famous Masai warriors. So as we depart Lake Nakuru, it’s one last look at some of our hosts.
This unassuming grazer may look rather benign, but make no mistake, even the lions don’t mess with a healthy adult Cape Buffalo.
Cape Buffalo Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Insects, insects and not an Oxpecker in sight.
Grant Zebra Lake Nakuru, Kenya
A hungry Black-backed Jackal doesn’t even receive a glance from its grazing neighbors.
 Black-backed Jackal with Grant Zebra
Our swamp friends are on the lookout for a tasty morsel this morning.
Grey-headed Heron
Grey-headed Heron Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Little Egret
Little Egret Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Squacco Heron

 Squacco Heron Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Scared Ibis

Scared Ibis Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Black-faced Vervet Monkey

 Black-faced Vervet Monkey

Hooded Guineafowl

Hooded Guinaefowl

Crowned Lapwing

Crowned Lapwing Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Grey Crowned Crane

Grey Crowned Crane Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Having the eye of an eagle, especially an African Fish Eagle, has many advantages from a high vantage point.

African Fish Eagle

This White-backed Vulture spreads his wings to dry the morning dew resulting from his evening’s perch.

 White backed Vulture Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Greater Blue-eared Starling

 Greater Blue-eared Starling Lake Nakuru , Kenya

Long-crested Eagle

Long-crested Eagle Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Augur Buzzard

Augur Buzzard Lake Nakuru, Kenya

At the lake, these Great Cormorants dry their wings…

 Great Cormorants Lake Nakuru, Kenya

while the Yellow-billed Stork does his morning primping…

Yellow-billed Stork Lake Nakuru, Kenya

and this Impala works on a naturally occurring salt lick.

Impala Lake Nakuru, Kenya

And these small gushing tributaries continue to add to an already overflowing Lake scattering the pink flocks of Flamingos to parts unknown. No worries, I will return someday for the grand spectacle.



 Waterfall Lake Nakuru, Kenya


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