Africa Safari (Kenya) Pt. 12

I am feed…

I am rested…

and I am bored…
Single lion cub in Masai Mara
I really really love you mom…
cub playing with lioness
hey, I got an idea, let’s play…
cub playing  with mother in Masai Mara
come on, let’s play…
cub playing  with lioness in the Mara
I didn’t wake you, did I??
cub playing  Masai
of course not….
yawning mom
you better give me 5 minutes here.
resting lioness
It is very easy to associate human attributes with many of the activities on the plains. But when Mom says she has to get dinner, it takes on a whole new meaning.
hunting lioness in Masai Mara
Hurry along Mr. Warthog… or you are destined to be the appetizer.
A little side note: Wallowing in the different colored soils of Masai account for the grey hide instead of the reddish-brown observed in Samburu.
warthog Masai Mara
Observing Mom from a distance is the King of the household. Far be it for him to dirty his paws with the hunt, but, he will be the first to eat his fill before anyone else dines.
Male Lion in Masai Mara
Meanwhile, a small group of Coke’s Hartebeest keep a keen eye making sure they do not become the main course…
hartebeest in Masai Mara Kenya
as a male Southern Ground Hornbill gathers an insect to be shared with his mate for life.
Southern Ground Hornbill in Masai Mara
Here he flips the food gathered into her mouth.┬áDon’t tell the lioness, she might start demanding a little more help around the house.

Southern Ground Hornbill feeding mateClick here to see Africa Safari (Kenya) Pt. 13

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