African Safari (Kenya) Pt. 20

I am always amused by how frequently worn out sport cliches are so inappropriately thrown around by people. The felines of Masai Mara offer up the perfect opportunity to put this to the test. So here goes. It is “the story within the story” or as Paul Harvey would have said, “And here is the rest of the story.”

Why is this lioness so pissed?
angry Lioness
Because her good-for-nothing son won’t leave the den and get his own digs.  And if that is not enough to boil her butt, he thinks he is going to continue eating at her table. I don’t think so!! Time to move out.
Juvenile Male Lion
And why is this young Lion so miffed?

Angry Juvenile Male Lion

Angry Juvenile Male Lion
Well, just possibly, it might have something to with our Rover almost running over his bed in the tall dew covered grass at dawn’s early light.
Juvenile Male Lion
And who is this Leopard hanging out with in the tree fort?
Leopard in tree
Well, it just happens to be his lunch, the young Impala he dragged up the tree for safe keeping.
Leopard in tree with kill
What is a house cat doing out in the middle of the Masai Mara in Kenya?
Serval Cat
Well, actually this is the very elusive Serval Cat searching for small rodents.
Serval Cat
And for whom is this guy so anxiously waiting?
Adult Male Lion
Well, it is his slower moving and slightly battered brother.

Injured Adult Male Lion

Injured Adult Male Lion
Are you alright?
2  Adult Male Lions
No, I am not moving!   Maybe I am just not ready to take over the pride from that old man.

Adult Male Lion sittingClick here to see African Safari (Kenya) Pt. 21

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2 responses

  1. wow! tough life being a lion! enjoying your blog, Steve.
    hate to change the subject, got a question about the eagle nest you told me about the other day……

    January 27, 2014 at 3:10 am

  2. Hi Steve. I am enjoying your blog. I hope you returned to better weather than you left. I hate to change the subject, but have a question about the eagle nest you talked about the other day at FortD……

    January 27, 2014 at 3:13 am

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