Photography has come to me later in life. I have always had a love for the peacefulness and beauty of nature, and after several attempts at retirement I was soon to become a photography junkie. I read everything I could find in books, on the Internet, and in the classroom. I practiced every technique I could find – or invent! With time I mastered my cameras and the fundamental foundations of photography, and began traveling the world.

Somewhere along that journey photography stopped being about camera settings and gadgets, and evolved into a form of storytelling. I traveled to the savannas of Kenya, the jungles of Brazil, the icy cold Arctic Circle, remote and wondrous Alaska, and many more fascinating places. In essence, my mission shifted from a pursuit of technical expertise to one of capturing the world’s most awesome and beautiful creatures in their natural habitats, and bringing their stories home.

Today, from my studio in South Deerfield, Massachusetts I love offering multi-format images of landscapes and intimate animal behavior in hopes of sharing my passion for sustaining the amazing wildlife of the world.

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Steve Upton