Glad to be back

Glad to be back

Hey everyone,

A quick note to let you know my new improved website,, is up and running. 

Couple of things of note:

  1. By hovering over the i  in the upper left corner of each photo in the separate galleries, a brief description will pop up.
  2. I will be adding to the Travel Journal on a regular basis. 
  3. Purchases may be made by clicking on the  shop button in the tool bar of the website.  This will allow you to have complete control of how and on what your print is made.

                         GALLERY OPENING  ANNOUNCEMENT 

WHEN:     SEPT. 29TH AND 30TH   12-5 pm

                    OCT. 6TH AND 7TH         12-5 pm

Where:     9 Hillcrest Ave

                  South Deerfield, Mass.

What:     Snow Monkeys, Japanese cranes, eagles, fox and sika deer all from Japan

                  Snowy owls from Ontario Canada

                  A series of endangered Big Cats of the winter world  


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